Day 8

Well, today is my 8th day on my diet. As of this morning, I’ve lost 8 lbs so far. Not a bad start to a week. I?m doing the south beach diet again, so I’ve another week of phase 1 left. Been eating pretty well for the most part. Had my ritual coffee for breakfast, a kung pao chicken frozen southbeach meal for lunch (really good, but a bit small). Snacked on some roast beef & cheese when I came home. Dinner was a big ol’ ham steak. Of course, I should have fixed myself a salad, etc to go with it just for nutrition sake, but I was kind of busy, so slapping that steak in the pan and letting it warm was good enough for me.

I also had a setback of sorts, but not really. I bought a new scale this weekend. It’s pretty cool. The only problem is that I weighed two pounds heavier than I thought I did. The good news is that I tested both scales one right after the other (old and the new) and they both weighed consistently the same. So I have actually lost 8 pounds, I was just 208 when I started out, and not really 206. I’m setting my target at 185, but in reality, I just want my pants to fit right and to get rid of my gut.

Still haven’t started exercising yet . . .

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