Tech lack-of-support

Why do tech support people have to be such idiots? I’m guessing because they are trained to deal with stupid problems like “you have to plug the computer in first, ma’am.” And when someone like me calls with an honest issue, they don’t know what to do “no, I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work. No, I tried that too, it doesn’t work. Don’t even suggest this, I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work either.”

I just got off the phone with Charter high speed tech “support” (using the term loosely). I really hate it when people don’t know what they’re talking about. I got mad because he insisted he was right, when I knew in fact, he wasn’t.

Serves me right, I should have just kept googling.

What’s wrong with this picture?

For the past several months, I’ve been asking myself the same question whenever I hear about Saddam Hussein in his supposed trial: Isn’t this guy supposed to be a prisoner of some sort? How can a prisoner just decide not to show up at a trial? The most recent article is here.

From my point of view, I think it’d be great to see Saddam Hussein sitting in the courtroom in a neon orange jumpsuit and handcuffs rather than being given the freedoms that none of the people under his tyrannical rule ever had.

But then again, I’m not in charge . . .